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How much can i borrow?

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how much can i borrow?

How is it calculated

How much you are able to borrow is based on something called an affordability calculation.

Each Mortgage Lender has there own way of calculating this.

But essentially, the Lender looks at your income and your outgoings including things like Credit Card Balances, monthly Loan Payments and Childcare costs.

And based on this will formulate a calculation on the maximum they are willing to lend to you.

Each Lender will usually return a different maximum lending figure when compared to one another on the same customer case, see more here.

What affects how much you are able to borrow?

There a quite a few different things which will affect what you are able to borrow.

Your income and outgoings are of course the main determining factor.

But other lesser known factors include; what percentage of deposit you have, what term you have the Mortgage over, what initial fixed rate you take out.

Income multiples/caps

Mortgage Lenders used to lend applicants 4 – 5 times their earnings. Now it’s considered to be more like a cap as your maximum borrowings are based on a number of factors (listed above).

To give a rough idea on your borrowing capacity. Times your annual gross salary by 4.49. I.e. £30,000 X 4.49 = £134,700.

Of course this isn’t a definitive calculation. As someone with higher outgoings in reality, won’t be able to borrow as much as someone with low/no outgoings.

To get a definitive calculation speak to a Mortgage Broker or a Lender and complete an affordability check with them.

How to boost borrowing

There a few ways you may be able to boost your borrowing capacity.

Consider increasing your deposit, is this is possible of course. Some Lenders will be more inclined to lend higher sums of money to borrowers with a higher deposit. For example 25% or more.

The longer the term, the lower your repayments will be, which can also sometimes increase the amount you are able to borrow.

Consider a longer term fixed rate. Some Lenders will lend more to applicants who take out a fixed interest rate Mortgage of 5 years or more. This is usually down to lenders “stress testing” longer term fixed rates less stringently.

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